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Chichagof Island has been named “Bear Island” by National Geographic because it has the highest concentration of bears in the world at 1-2 brown bears per square mile. Brown Bear Lodge - rightly named - has a desire to share this sensational creature with you!

Our flexible wildlife excursion puts the Last Frontier at your fingertips. There is no itinerary set in stone; we want you to experience wild Alaska how you would like! We encourage guests to articulate their preferences so that we can accommodate their needs on a group-by-group basis. There are many exciting things to experience, such as a brisk walk in a muskeg, a short hike for picking some of the ten varieties of edible berries found on the island, viewing an old growth forest, and coming face to face with some of the key attractions of Alaska’s wilderness - brown bears!

Alaskan brown bears are most commonly seen near the streams, pulling ripe salmon out with their paws or feasting on the superfluous blueberry patches among the brush. During many tours, bears are even seen on the road! Depending on current bear movements, feeding habits, and daytime temperatures, there are short stops in key locations to scope out a magnificent view of these captivating creatures - and your Wildlife Guide knows them all. He can give you a detailed and entertaining narration about the area, from the town and the Tlingit Native population to everything you could ever want to know about brown bears.

The Chichagof forests also host an array of other wildlife that are quite frequently spotted during excursions, including mink, pacific marten, red squirrels, otter, beaver, ducks and sea birds, Sitka black-tail deer, and plenty of bald eagles: so be sure to bring your camera!


Brown Bear Lodge Wildlife Excursion is your best bet for a truly unique adventure. With so much area to travel, you have the chance to really get away from the crowd. If you want to separate yourself from the other tourists, have a change of pace from being packed in a boat or walking single file waiting for a chance to get a look, and want to create memories of Alaska that you will still be talking about years from now, we look forward to seeing you at Brown Bear Lodge!